Why I APPLIED to bring VidBullet to your doorstep…

Here’s a little ‘behind the scenes’ information.

When Chris (Munch) first told me about his new invention (VidBullet), I was intrigued because while there are several awesome video tools out there…

None of them could do what VidBullet did.

Which is – in a nutshell – a way to create an attention-grabbing pro-grade video with about 3 minutes effort, which grab attention using a unique style like what major news brands CBS and the BBC use… including full voiceover with a single click… then rinse and repeat.

It’s literally, “fill in a form” simple because there’s ZERO editing

I immediately thought about how to use this:
to create a video for every product you sell and boost your conversions 30-80%
to create announcements about any new product you’re going to sell
to create videos promoting your eCom brand
to drive more traffic to your product listings through Google and YouTube
to use in Facebook ads and drive more traffic that way too

He’d only shown this to a select few people who follow him, but told me he’d be doing an exclusive ‘debut’ with a few folks he trusted.

I am one of them.

So I sent in my application to get the private access link without a second thought because I KNEW this would help you!

I’m sharing it with you now and I can’t wait for you to get your hands on this.

Here’s your link for lifetime VidBullet access grab it now:

P.S.– Not everyone is going to get to hear about VidBullet as it debuts, you’re one of the lucky ones… you can get started using it and get big results in you eCom business before anyone else!

I’d ask one favour…. Please let me know what you think of it, how you’re going to use it, and how you get on 😉

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