VidBullet vs. Camtasia vs. Explaindio

A unique, new & fully automated video creation software (VidBullet) has been designed to let you create engaging, professional quality videos in about 3 minutes each…

… even letting you add full voiceover to your videos with a single click… and without having to appear on camera or record your own voice.

It’s going to change video marketing and you can use it immediately to create attention-getting product videos on Amazon, Shopify or any other eCom platform.

And the data shows adding video to your products boosts conversions 30-80%!

However, it’s not necessarily a “replacement” for other great video software…

I’ll explain below…

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  • Camtasia is a good intuitive software for creating more complex videos that require editing, transitions, cuts and audio work. These videos can be good for live action presentations and demonstrations.
  • It does take a lot of time to put the video together and experience to make it look good. There is a learning curve.
  • You need quite a lot of creativity and frame-to-frame precision to make a good video – and you have to source all the content yourself.


  • A newer software for creating explainer videos and sales presentations. It’s popular because it makes a complicated process easier.
  • However you’re you’re still sinking a lot of time into creating each video and it still requires some experience and a creative intuition to create strong videos. That’s great if you want to create a perfect customized video and have the time to do that, but what happens if you need a high impact video within minutes?
  • You have to use your judgement (or a lot of testing) to create videos that have a real impact in driving traffic and sales…


VidBullet was designed to be the perfect tool to use when you want to create & publish a massive amount of QUALITY engaging video content, using a proven format (the Video Bulletin) with bare minimum effort and cost.

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You can monetize these videos, use them to promote offers and drive traffic.

You just fill in a form…

Select any images you’d like to use…

Optionally add voiceover with a single click…

… and you’re done (it takes about 3 minutes)

I wouldn’t recommend using this for full-on sales videos, but for getting a lot of engaging content out there fast, ready to drive traffic, leads and sales (for yourself, or any clients you might get if you decide to do it for others too… one tester made $36,000 doing this already).

But there are PLENTY of ways you SHOULD use it!

For Example:

  • create a video for every product you sell and boost your conversions 30-80%
  • create announcements about any new product you’re going to sell
  • create videos promoting your eCom brand
  • drive more traffic to your product listings through Google and YouTube
  • use in Facebook ads and drive more traffic that way too

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P.S.– VidBullet isn’t designed to replace every other video software out there… it’s purpose is to create highly engaging, traffic-ready videos (Video Bulletins) in minutes… saving you months of time, countless headaches and a great deal of money… while helping you make more sales too!

When you spend less time and money on video creation, you can focus on other areas of your business or online venture, while still getting great results.

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