mass pro-grade Azon/Shopify/eCom video creation in 180 seconds…

Video content drives about 80% of all buyer traffic online.

Using video to promote your physical products has been shown to boost conversions 30-80%

This makes it a MUST to have in your marketing somewhere.

The more content you have out there, the more traffic you can drive and the more sales and profits you can make.

(btw, you’ll see exactly how to do it if you catch the ‘Fast Action’ bonus in time)…

Video Outsourcers (even those who use software to make video creation easier, like Explaindio or Animoto or GoAnimate) still require a day or two to make a single short video.

Other services charge $3,000+!

With VidBullet – You create a pro-grade quality, engaging video – including full 1-click voiceover – with about 3 minutes effort. There’s zero editing and you pay only a tiny tiny fraction, for unlimited videos!

You just pick a template, fill in a form and add any images you want…

That’s it – The software does the rest.

So you can automatically produce and publish a huge number of quality product or brand videos, use them to drive traffic, or even sell them to other sellers… all with minimal effort.

What would you do with the extra time and profit VidBullet buys you?

Get VidBullet Here – It’s Closing Tomorrow:

P.S.– The public launch special of VidBullet is ending tomorrow – and the fast action bonus where you’ll get training on driving traffic and getting paid using VidBullet the way Chris and his team do, will expire too. Act quickly. Time is your most valuable resource.

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