How to Make a Product Video in 3 Minutes (+ boost conversions 30-80%) With ZERO Editing…

When you can create an engaging, professional-grade marketing video in 3 minutes, with full voiceover added with one click… and you knew video boosted conversions by 30-80%… would you do it?

What else could you use these videos for?

Do you think you could drive more sales with 1 video, with 10, or with 100?

However you choose to use it, our friend Chris Munch created the tool to make pro-grade “Video Bulletins” with ZERO editing, no complicated tricks or settings to learn…

Just 3 minutes and you’re done. Results immediately. It even publishes your videos to YouTube & Vimeo automatically…

You could literally have 100 videos created and published out there working for your Amazon/Shopify/eCom busines with less effort than it takes to make just 1-2 videos the traditional way…

If you invest in this quickly, you’ll even get training on how to drive traffic and even get paid for your videos, the way Chris and his team do.

Create Your First Video Bulletin Today:

Boost Your Conversions 30-80%…

According to HubSpot and several case studies from eCom sellers, adding video to your product listing or online store boosts conversion rates 30-80% AND increases order value as well.

Common sense will tell you, you have to use video in your eCommerce marketing, whether its on Amazon, Shopify or any other platform.

Some services out there charge $3,000 and more to create a product video.

When you get access to this automated software, you can immediately start creating your first “Video Bulletin” and be done in about 3 minutes for a tiny fraction of the cost – with ZERO editing – and unlimited videos.

You can even offer this service to other sellers (one early tester made $36,000 in a couple of weeks by selling the service to eCom sellers and local businesses).

There are literally tens of millions of prospects out there to buy this and this revolutionary new software has only just been released to those with the invitation.

Now is the time to get in.

Access The Brand New Automated Video Software Here:

P.S.– You can use this software to create a product video for EVERY product you sell (and plan to sell) in minutes, with ZERO editing. You can even tap into the tens of millions of prospects out there ready to buy these videos from you – selling just ONE will make back your investment several times over.

And a 30-80% conversion boost? You’ll know how valuable that is…

You can make an unlimited number of these videos and each one only takes about 3 minutes effort.

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